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Are you LGBT, getting married, and looking for your perfect wedding suppliers? Hey, I've been there, and it's not always easy, is it? You think you've found the perfect supplier, only to go to their enquiry form to be faced with a box entitled 'names of bride and groom' and feel overcome with a sense of weariness, and if you're anything like me, tempted to also give an eye roll as in this day and age, it's a bit tone-deaf, isn't it?! It's like arriving at someone's house for a party, full of excitement, only to be greeted with an unenthusiastic greeting and feeling unwelcome before you've even stepped over the threshold.

Even worse, I found when planning my own wedding, were the awkward encounters in person. There was the particularly memorable occasion at a wedding fair where my seventeen-year-old (!) brother was mistaken for 'the groom', despite myself and my now-wife standing right there, holding hands, wearing 'I'm the bride' stickers. But more common were the small misunderstandings and cringey silences, where we'd be chatting to a vendor for a while, seemed to be getting on great, agree to give them our details so we could chat more, only for them to say 'so which one of you is the bride, and what is the groom's name?'. Silence. Wince. And I'd gesture to my lovely Emma, and say, 'actually, this is my fiancée'. The vendor's eyes would widen, mouth drop slightly. 'OH. I'm sorry'. Silence. Very clear they did not know what to say. VERY clear that some of them were uncomfortable.

So what I'm trying to say, in my typically wordy way, is that I GET IT. And it is one of the reasons that I am so passionate about shooting more same-sex weddings, and be something to my couples that I struggled to find when I got married several years ago; a fully inclusive supplier, welcoming to all.

But I'm guessing if you're looking for a gay wedding photographer, you're probably after other suppliers too! At some point in the future, a project on my VERY long list of things-I'd-like-to-do is create an LGBT-friendly wedding supplier directory. But in the meantime, I have collated some resources and information below which I hope will help you on your journey to finding your perfect wedding suppliers, all of whom celebrate and welcome all couples!

Very best of luck with your wedding plans, and I'd love to hear from you if you think my approach to wedding photography sounds like your kind of thing. You can contact me on this page.

Gay friendly wedding vendors


Looking for a venue? Check out the fantastic gay-friendly venues on offer at Pink Wedding Venues. My personal favourites?

  • Holbrook Manor in Somerset, where a friend of mine tied the knot last year.​ Beautiful venue, delicious food, and also very local to me!

  • Gunnersbury Park in west London, where the photo above was taken. The Orangery is to DIE FOR, and the natural light makes for stunning wedding photos.

  • Strawberry Hill House in Twickenham. It is a white castle. What else is there to say?!


Are you a lady after an awesome suit for your big day? Or perhaps something a little less traditional than the usual white dress? Check out:

Or if you do want a stunning dress, I recommend Sassi Holford from the bottom of my heart! My wife and I got our dresses from their Taunton branch and from start to finish it was a wonderful, welcoming experience.


If you want the loveliest person in the world to do your makeup, contact Reine at Faces LDN. We've been friends for years and she's wonderful.


Looking for the perfect tailor-made honeymoon at hand picked gay-friendly hotels and resorts? Check out Out of Office.


After the perfect wedding rings? Check out Queensmith in Hatton Garden, London.

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