Engagement spotlight: Nicole & Ryan, Crystal Palace

On a crisp January morning I ventured to Crystal Palace Park to meet Nicole and Ryan for their engagement shoot. It was somewhere I had never been before, and a beautiful day to explore the park.

Nicole and Ryan met when they were 17, a mutual friend having played cupid. They soon became friends, but fell out a short while after. However, in August 2014 they met again at the age of 18 and began seeing each other.

The couple soon became inseparable, did everything together and shared the same circle of friends. After a few months, Nicole introduced Ryan to her family and after the first introduction she knew it was meant to be.

After the first meeting, Ryan quickly became part of the furniture at Nicole's mum's house, visiting regularly, and gained a hoard of nieces and nephews who loved him too.

Nicole and Ryan became engaged in February 2019 after a long night out. They were getting a KFC when they decided they should get married and then did what all couples do...made it official on Facebook. They went to bed thinking nothing of it, however awoke to countless messages congratulating them the next day! Deciding they had to make it properly official, a week later they went to pick out a ring.

We did the engagement shoot in Crystal Palace Park as the couple live locally, and it has so many great spots for photos. We began on the Italian Terraces, which led up to the Crystal Palace the park is named for - which sadly burnt down in 1936. We then strolled through the park in the sunshine to take in the massive dinosaur sculptures which make for interesting backdrops!

Nicole and Ryan plan to get married in 2023, hopefully in the Isle of Sheppey in Kent, where they have spent every anniversary together.

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