Guest Blog: Four Incredible Places to get Married in France

You may or may not know, but France is one of my favourite places in the world. So I'm delighted to share this guest blog from Toulouse-based photographer Mônica Sperandio, on some of the most amazing spots to tie the knot.


If you’re thinking of getting married in France, you should know that the wedding venue options are infinite. Whatever wedding plans you have in mind, they can happen here. You can find mountains, vineyards, castles, farms, forests, amazing beaches, and fields of lavenders/sunflowers.

So here’s my list of amazing and not-so-common places to get marry in France:

Pays Basque

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If this is your choice you won’t be disappointed. This region is perfect because it’s a mix of mountains and beaches; the best of both worlds! The village Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port is like a fairytale; a medieval city full of history, interestings facts and local food!

Your guests will love the rapidity of getting into another city, they’ll be able to explore a lot in a short amount of time. My favorite cities: Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Biarritz and Bayonne. Don’t forget to try the ‘’gâteau basque’’, a delicious traditional cake from the region! It’s really good!

Domaine d'Essendiéras in Dordogne

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The region of Dordogne is a great place if you’re into adventure! Here you'll find so many activities and places to explore!

About the venue: it has two castles, the newest one was built in the 19th century and the other one in the 16th. Surrounded by amazing landscapes and nature, every season is a perfect one to get married! Amazing, right? Can you imagine this place during spring or autumn? It’s the dream of every photographer!

Which place should you visit after the wedding? The small-cute city called Rocamadour! I bet it’s going to blow your mind because it was built on the top of a mountain!

Gorges du Verdon

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For sure you already saw those beautiful weddings in Provence and the lavender fields. But since this list is about different places, I chose Gorges du Verdon.

It’s the biggest canyon of Europe and I promise that the landscape will take your breath away. Can you imagine doing a destination wedding in this area? I bet your guests will be surprised with the choice and amazing activities. You can hike, kayak and even rent a boat and let yourself be mesmerised by the view.

And of course, given the fact that you’re in Provence, make sure to reserve a day for you and your guests to visit the lavender and sunflower fields. The smell of the lavender fields will blow your mind! Don’t forget to try the lavender ice-cream, one of the best things to taste in this area!

The Château de Saint-Martory

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The Château de Saint-Martory is a beautifully restored castle from the Renaissance period. The venue is surrounded by historical rural buildings, the Garonne river, and even the Pyrénées mountains.

It’s located 45 minutes away from Toulouse, the city where I live! I strongly advise for you to visit this city before or after the wedding! It’s called the pink city and I’m sure you’ll fall in love just as much as I did!


A little bit about the author: Hey, I’m Mônica! I’m Brazilian and I moved to France to learn this beautiful language of theirs! I fell in love with Toulouse and I never left! I work as a photographer and I try to show how passionate I’m about this country through my photo sessions. You can check out my website and my photos here: