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A beautiful, intimate spring wedding at Cardiff City Hall

Today I'm delighted to wish happy two months wedding anniversary to the lovely Sofia and Ashley! They tied the knot at Cardiff City Hall on 1 May, giving me a chance to revisit the Welsh capital for the first time since I was a teenager. (Side note - the shopping was pretty good then, now it's WOW. I love the New St David's Centre!!)

Bride and groom kissing under blossom tree in Alexandra Gardens, Cardiff

Sofia and Ashley had originally planned on a much bigger wedding day at a gorgeous barn venue in Gloucestershire, but plans changed due to Covid - a sentence I'm all too familiar with writing these days. But they decided to plough on with their nuptials and married with their nearest and dearest present at the beautiful Cardiff City Hall, with a reception at vegan restaurant Anna Loka, whose colourful outdoor space (handily covered for the rain) made a fantastic setting for a small spring wedding reception. We also ventured a couple of minutes to beautiful Alexandra Gardens, just behind the City Hall, to take some family and couple photos - and of course throw some confetti!


How did you first meet - and get together?

Through a mutual friend at University - Sofia was invited by her coursemate, Ashley's childhood friend, to join our group camp at Reading Festival. We met a few times over the course of uni and then again in the final year when we were both available, and haven't been apart since!

And now the romantic bit - tell us ALL about your proposal!!

It was our first official night staying in our new home - this was on Boxing day '19. Ashley had been to see his mother the week before to seek out some sort of family ring to use and then on Christmas Eve, when visiting Sofia's family, Ashley managed to speak to JuanCarlos (Sofia's Dad) to ask permission.

We believe that half of Spain may have already been made aware of Ashley's intentions before Boxing Day came around but all it worked out. Sofia was caught, unsuspecting when trying to run herself a bath and Ashley claimed he needed help fixing a problem with the new washing machine. Sofia stomped downstairs in a huff to be greeted by Ashley ready to propose.

What were your wedding colours/style, or overall vision for the day?

The colours WERE going to be greens and golds but due to downsizing the ceremony, we've let a lot of that slide. Our new vision for the day was us enjoying what's possible and making the most of the day with our small but special group of guests!

Do you have any advice for other couples planning their day?

...Don't plan a wedding during a pandemic!!

How did you go about finding & hiring your venue, and why did you choose it?

We had already booked the legal side of our wedding at Cardiff Registry Office, and when we were let down by the reception venue we were then given the option to upgrade to their ceremony room.

Where are you going for your honeymoon, and why did you choose it?

Los Angeles is off the table and fully cancelled but Glos Angeles in all booked and in full swing! We have a little cottage booked in Gloucester, the dogs can join us and we'll enjoy our first married week with a hot tub and excellent food without thinking about small claims court or the fact that we aren't in Hollywood, Mexico or Las Vegas!


Ceremony venue - Cardiff City Hall

Reception venue - Anna Loka

Wedding dress - Laura May Bridal

Cake designer - Vic's Vegan Bakes

Photographer - Queen Bea Photography


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