What is documentary wedding photography?

When you're looking for a wedding photographer, it can be hard to know where to begin, and a lot of the terminology can be very alien. So when I say that I'm a documentary wedding photographer, what exactly do I mean, and how does it translate to how I approach your wedding day?

It means, in short, that I'm a storyteller. I don't stage moments, but capture them as they unfold, to tell the genuine tale of your wedding day. I think the authentic moments are the most beautiful and worth treasuring; the moment you and your future spouse first see each other; tearful exchanges of rings; raucous laughter at the best man's inappropriate speech, and all your little guests going wild on the dancefloor. My relaxed approach allows you and all your loved ones to just be themselves and have a fantastic time!

What I do

  • I document your day as it unfolds, looking for genuine moments to capture; hugs, kisses, laughter, silly moments, etc.

  • I try and be unobtrusive so you and your guests can forget I am there, relax, and just enjoy your wedding.

  • I am warm and friendly and aim to put people at ease, as I know most people aren't fond of being in front of the camera! 

  • I prefer finding moments authentically, and while I do take couple shots of my couples, I won't spend hours posing and just encourage them to just be themselves and have some fun! It's also a great opportunity to just spend some time together, which is usually in short supply on what is, after all, YOUR wedding day.

What I don't do

  • I don't make people stand around for ages while I set up extravagant shots, and nor will I be posing you like dolls.

  • I will never get in people's faces and ask them to SMILE, and pull them out of the moment.

  • I won't spend your whole reception arranging group photos. They're no one's favourite part of the day, and I like to help them go as smoothly and quickly as possible, so you can focus on yourselves, your guests, and having a good time.

  • I avoid posing artificial moments, or forcing you to recreate them.

  • I don't expect you to plan your entire wedding around getting 'the perfect shot'; I won't be ordering you around or monopolising your time. 

I love documentary wedding photography because of the authenticity and range of emotions and images you end up with! Some silly ones, some tearjerkers, some absolutely hilarious. Here are a few of my favourites.

Think documentary wedding photography may be for you? Why not message me and let's chat !