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The secrets to getting those PERFECT confetti photos

The confetti shot: a magical moment capturing love, joy, and spontaneity in a single frame. They're the kind of photos you want to cherish forever, proudly displayed on your wall as mementos of your special day.


But how do you ensure that your confetti photos are not just good, but absolutely PHENONEMAL?!


Here are some expert tips to help you orchestrate that picture-perfect moment and make it truly unforgettable!


Collab with your photographer!

Your photographer (hi there - hint hint!) will have lots of experience and practice perfecting the perfect confetti shot. So do listen to them!


Before the big day arrives, sit down with your photographer and share your vision for your confetti moment. While confetti shots traditionally occur after leaving the ceremony, you don't have to do them then if that doesn't fit with the flow of your day. If you're having your reception at a different place to your ceremony, it can work well to do your confetti tunnel as an entrance rather than an exit, as you arrive to continue your celebrations!

Regardless of where you do it, it's essential to verify if your venue(s) have any restrictions. Some places will only allow biodegradable confetti, such as dried flower petals or rice paper circles, and some may put their foot down entirely and say no. (And if that happens, there are still options - see later in this blog!)

Select the perfect confetti for photos

Not all confetti is alike, and depending on what you choose, it can significantly impact the overall aesthetic of your shots. Generally, the confetti people use these days falls into two categories: biodegradable paper or natural petal confetti.

So, what to choose? Well, natural petals provide a more subtle effect and an ethereal and romantic ambiance. If you're going for petals and want them to make an impact, go for colourful ones, and always get more than you think you'll need and load your guests up with huge handfuls.

If you really want to up the ante, go for paper confetti, and companies like Flutter Darlings are fantastic for some real confetti drama! Paper confetti is larger and more aerodynamic, so it'll make more of an impact in your photos. If you take a look at the photos I've included in this blog, you'll see that the paper confetti stays in the air longer and provides real pops of colour, as it's larger and more pigmented.

Whichever option you go for, you could think about adding in some confetti cannons for even more volume. Just be sure to obtain clearance from your venue beforehand, and be aware that they're louder than you think they'll be!!


There’s a right way to throw!

Throwing confetti may seem straightforward, but there's an art to it. From my experience, everyone's default seems to be to throw forwards, AKA directly into the couple's faces. And while it can be funny, it isn't the best for photos!

I always tell guests to give their confetti a big toss up into the air, as hard as they can, and then it will gracefully cascade down upon you. If you've got a windy day, you can get some real movement going! Ideally, guests throw as the couple walk down the line towards them, so you have a constant stream of confetti, but if you've got loads of the stuff, go wild and just chuck and then refill your hands!

Amp up the confetti supply

When it comes to confetti, more is more! Plan ahead and ensure you have an ample supply for all of your guests. I've done so many weddings where guests have ended up with tiny handfuls each, and unfortunately it just doesn't give enough volume to make a real impact in photos.

Aim for at least a generous handful of confetti per attendee to ensure a lush, full-bodied effect in your photographs. And really if you want a good confetti shot, as far as I’m concerned go big or go home! Arm your guests with a couple of large handfuls each, and have some in reserve so they can refill as you make your journey down the line - or enough for a second go in reverse!

Maintain poise and radiate JOY

As the confetti rains down upon you, it's natural to feel overwhelmed by the flurry of activity. However, resist the urge to shy away and just embrace the moments of chaos! Keep your head held high, flash a radiant smile, and try not to scrunch up your face, even if you're being pelted with dozens of little pieces of rainbow paper! Remember, the photos are going to look awesome, so just try to relax and enjoy it.


I hope this blog has helped you think about how to get those perfect confetti shots! And if you're a fan of these pics, why not hit the button below and send me a message to see if I'm free to photograph your wedding?


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