About Me !

Hello there! And welcome to my 'about me' page. I always find these things a bit cringe to write and I worry I come across as really arrogant! However, it is important to get along with your wedding photographer, as you will be spending a fair bit of with them on your wedding day, and an awkward or cold relationship won't put you at ease in front of the lens. So here is some more information about me so you can decide if I sound like a good fit, or if you want to run for the hills.


My name is Geneviève, I'm 29 (and five months...still dealing with that) and I split my time between West Brompton in London and a tiny hamlet in Somerset called Foddington, where I grew up. Most people have never heard of either of these places. So just think 'near Chelsea', and 'an hour south of Bristol, in the middle of nowhere'. I have inherited the gift of the gab from my Irish father and I'm afraid I will talk to you. I've been told by quite a few clients that my friendliness has put them at ease, but appreciate it isn't for everyone, so if you'd rather the sultry, silent type of photographer - quick, shut this website now!

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Me on my wedding day !

I am one of those ladies with a wife; her name is Emma, and we've been married since May 2018. As you can tell from the above photograph, she hates having her picture taken, so I'm very used to photographing people who hate being in front of the camera! Emma and I love cats (of course), and we have two, who are our substitute babies for now. Eventually we would like to have half a dozen musically-gifted children, so we can be the new Von Trapp family. On that note, I LOVE musicals; I sing whenever I get the chance, and if a catchy song comes on in the supermarket, my trolley and I will be dancing around the aisles. I may or may not think my life is a music video.

Calico kitten under Christmas tree
Tabby cat by Christmas tree

My girls Tuppence (10 months) and Vali (10) during 2020's 'festive photoshoot' which Tupp loved and Vali HATED.

I also love Disney, and went to Orlando on my honeymoon, because I'm just that cool. My favourite Disney Princess is Ariel and I learnt to play all the music from the Little Mermaid on the piano as a child - such good songs!! I'm also a big Harry Potter fan, and briefly played for the University of London quidditch team as a student. I am the sappiest Slytherin you will ever meet and my beautiful Emma is a Hufflepuff. Some people might think that's a strange mix, but we balance each other out quite nicely!


I would quite happily spend all my days snuggling small fluffy animals and one of my happiest places is our local Pets at Home in Battersea, where I spend ages chatting to the rabbits whenever we pop in for kitten food. I have written two and a half historical novels out of a planned series of six which has led to my flat being overwhelmed with old books for 'research', and I'll quite happily regale you with historical facts about your wedding venue. You can, of course, tell me to shut up. I'm fascinated by genealogy and have traced some of my family lines back to triple-digit years. However, my favourite genealogical tidbit is that I'm a distant cousin of William Shakespeare! I would make a joke that clearly writing runs in the family, but I don't want to sound like too much of a dick.

Honeymoon at Universal Studios Florida

At Universal Studios on our honeymoon - we're so cool !


My Spotify is a mixture of my teenage passions of Within Temptation and Evanescence, Taylor Swift (she's a fantastic lyricist), opera and classical music (especially Vivaldi), and the ever-amazing S Club 7 and Steps for when I need a childhood pick-me-up. Yes, I'm aware it makes no sense.

Angel is still my all-time favourite TV show and I have watched it countless times. Yes, it is better than Buffy, though that's also awesome. I also love Friends, Father Ted (practically a religion in my family) and Friday Night Dinner whenever we need a laugh - especially the Mr Morris episodes! I also absolutely love anything to do with home renovation, interior design, or creative stuff like The Great Pottery Throw Down. Yes, I am a granny. Perhaps it's what happens when you settle down at 21?

Paris is my favourite place in the entire world and if you wanted me to shoot your wedding there I would be OVER THE MOON. Please get in touch and I'd be delighted to do you a deal. I also love Provence, where I used to go on holiday as a child - such a gorgeous place. Other than France, I love travelling to anywhere hot, gorgeous, and with a waterpark. Top two in Europe - Siam Park in Tenerife, and Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark in Cyprus. Worldwide, Volcano Bay in Orlando is amazing!

I love anything sparkly/shiny, so much that my wife jokes I'm a human Niffler. I have many pairs of glittery boots and my absolute favourite post-Christmas sales bargain this year was a pastel rainbow sequin dress. No bloody idea where I'm going to wear it, but man I'm excited for when I can!

Brunch is a very important meal and one of my prized possessions is my waffle maker. I also have a bread maker (used bi-weekly - shop bread is disgusting!), ice cream maker, juicer, panini press, and every other kitchen gadget you can name. I love to cook for fun and loathe it when it's a chore that has to be done or else you'll starve. I made our five-tier wedding cake and it remains one of my proudest achievements!

Strudel at Epcot

I spent my teen years at an all girls Catholic boarding school in the Dorset countryside and you'll probably be able to tell, as that sort of thing never leaves you! Yes, it was a bit like St Trinian's. Yes, I did spend much of it tiddled or sneaking off to the Nun's Garden to have a cigarette when I was supposed to be in English. I also made some amazing friends, and we're all still very close. Potentially trauma-bonded.

Mad stuff happens to me. All the time. I have so many mad anecdotes you'll probably think I'm making them up. But that actually was me at the tender age of 15 in a tiny towel in the background of a This Morning preview about a murder case, looking horrified and running out of frame up the stairs. A fox actually did fall through the roof of my gazebo and shred my hot tub - such a nice surprise when we came back from our holiday. A fox also did break into the house and leave us barricaded in the bedroom for hours while it ran around screaming and panicking, and all I found to try to defend ourselves with was...a roll of Laura Ashley wallpaper.


There is clearly a serious fox problem in the West Brompton area.

Strudel - a very important  food source.


If you've actually read all this, you may think I'd be more suited to a padded cell than being entrusted with your wedding photography. But if you think I actually sound alright, then please get in touch! I'm genuinely excited to meet all my clients and I LOVE what I do. I can't promise some sort of animal won't attack us during your couple shoot, but I can promise to always put you first and ensure your wedding photos reflect the unique awesomeness of your wedding day; to always be friendly, supportive, and ready with a sarcastic joke; and to always have cat pictures at the ready.

After all, isn't that what every bride really wants?

What now?

If you might like to hire me and ensure my dusty book and pancake obsessions can continue, there are a few places you might like to go from here!