About Me!

It is important to get along with your wedding photographer, as you will be spending a fair bit of with them on your wedding day, and an awkward or cold relationship won't put you at ease in front of the lens. So here is some more information about me so you can decide if I sound like someone you might get on with, or if you want to run for the hills. 

My name is Geneviève, I'm 29 (+2...still dealing with that) and I split my time between West Brompton in London and a tiny hamlet in Somerset called Foddington, where I grew up. Most people have never heard of either of these places. So just think 'near Chelsea', and 'an hour south of Bristol, in the middle of nowhere'. I have inherited the gift of the gab from my father (who once made a wedding speech lasting an hour and forty-five minutes) and I'm afraid I will talk to you. I've been told by quite a few clients that my friendliness has put them at ease, but appreciate it isn't for everyone, so if you'd rather the sultry, silent type of photographer - quick, shut this website now!


Me on my wedding day !

Useful Statistics

  • Number of years at an all-girls Catholic boarding school in Dorset - seven. Resulting number of years of therapy needed - 59.

  • ​Law degrees that will never be used - one. Resulting number of years of therapy needed - 42.

  • Years lived in London - 10. Resulting debt accrued - incalculable Likelihood of ever owning a property - very easy to calculate. Prefer to live in denial.

  • Pairs of shoes owned - 90+. A significant number feature glitter.

  • Number of run-ins I have had with the local foxes since moving to West Brompton - three.

  • Number of Lola's Cupcakes consumed since moving to London - cannot bear to contemplate.

  • Times I went on the Little Mermaid ride at Disneyworld in one visit - four.

  • Years I was planning my own wedding for - six.

  • How much I love my job - INCALCUABLE.

Pink arrow

I am one of those ladies with a wife; her name is Emma, and we've been married since May 2018. As you can tell from the above photograph, she hates having her picture taken, so I'm very used to photographing people who hate being in front of the camera!

I LOVE musicals; I sing whenever I get the chance, and if a catchy song comes on in the supermarket, my trolley and I will be dancing around the aisles. I may or may not think my life is a music video. 
I also love Disney, and went to Florida on my honeymoon to live my princess dreams at Disneyworld. I'm also a big Harry Potter fan, and briefly played for the University of London quidditch team as a student. I am the sappiest Slytherin you will ever meet and my beautiful Emma is a Hufflepuff. Some people might think that's a strange mix, but we balance each other out quite nicely!

I am definitely a cat lady ...

and unashamed! Cats are AWESOME. You can check out (and coo over, obviously) my gorgeous girls on the right. The little fluffy one is Tuppence, who has just turned one. She spends her days bouncing around chirping like a bird and falling asleep in my arms like a baby. The tabby is Vali, the gentlest soul you'll ever meet. She's ten, and loves to drag pants/socks/whatever else she can carry around the flat, presenting them to you with loud meows. They're both very sweet, and more than a little spoilt!! If you would like to see more photos, I'm only too happy to oblige...


I would quite happily spend all my days snuggling fluffy animals and one of my happiest places is our local Pets at Home in Battersea, where I spend ages chatting to the rabbits whenever we pop in. Emma and I recently went to Cyprus and fell in love with every cat we came across on the street - of which there are thousands. We've discussed the possibility that if we have any money when we retire, we'll move there and open a cat sanctuary.

I have written two and a half historical novels out of a planned series of six which has led to my flat being overwhelmed with old books for 'research', and I'll quite happily regale you with historical facts about your wedding venue. I'm fascinated by genealogy and have traced some of my family lines back to triple-digit years. However, my favourite genealogical tidbit is that I'm a distant cousin of William Shakespeare!


I am a huge fan of...

  • Within Temptation and Evanescence (my teenage passions)

  • Taylor Swift (she's a fantastic lyricist)

  • Opera and classical music (especially Vivaldi)

  • The ever-amazing S Club 7 and Steps for when I need a childhood pick-me-up

  • Friends

  • Father Ted (practically a religion in my family)

  • Friday Night Dinner (especially the Mr Morris episodes. Will always make me die laughing) 

  • Game of Thrones (other than the ending. WTF)

  • Anything to do with home renovation, interior design, or creative stuff like The Great Pottery Throw Down

Paris is my favourite place in the entire world and if you wanted me to shoot your wedding there I would be OVER THE MOON. Please get in touch and I'd be delighted to do you a deal. I also love Provence, where I used to go on holiday as a child - such a gorgeous place. Other than France, I love travelling to anywhere hot, gorgeous, and with a waterpark. Top two in Europe - Siam Park in Tenerife, and Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark in Cyprus. Worldwide, Volcano Bay in Orlando is amazing, with Disney's Typhoon Lagoon coming in a close second. Plus, there they have a raft ride which pulls you up to the top rather than making you climb the soggy stairs, talk about a win/win.

Brunch is a very important meal and one of my prized possessions is my waffle maker. I also have a bread maker (used bi-weekly - shop bread is disgusting!), ice cream maker, juicer, panini press, and every other kitchen gadget you can name. I love to cook for fun and loathe it when it's a chore that has to be done or else you'll starve. I made our five-tier wedding cake and it remains one of my proudest achievements.

M y top tips for life

  • Always have a roll of Laura Ashley wallpaper ready to defend yourself with in case a fox runs howling into your flat.

  • Always check if an interview is being filmed in your parents' hall before running up the stairs in a tiny towel. You may find yourself on national television. And quite a few of your schoolmates may see it.

  • Don't go through a péage with a roof box on your already-tall car. Then please don't try to reverse...you will tear the sign off...

  • ​Hungry at Disneyworld but can't bear another overpriced, tasteless meal? Head to Gaston's Tavern for HUGE, delicious cinnamon rolls which will only set you back $6.

  • Never descale your hot tub with a kit from eBay, then have a soak, gas yourselves due to a chemical reaction between the kit/chlorine, and spend the night in A&E having to explain the most embarrassing middle class accident ever.

  • Choose a job involving something you love. Unless that job is working in a chocolate shop when you're trying to go on a diet.

  • If you crash your parents' car after trying to 'teach a friend how to drive'...don't 'apologise' by way of a cake shaped like a car with 'sorry' on the top in marzipan. It won't go down well.

  • When you're flat hunting and asked if you've looked in a certain area, don't say you know it because you've been to the prison quite a few times. When you backtrack to try to frantically explain you were visiting it as part of a legal team and not incarcerated there, they won't believe you. Or rent you the flat.

  • ALWAYS choose the kitten described as 'mischievous'.


If you've actually read all this, you may think I'd be more suited to a padded cell than being entrusted with your wedding photography. But if you think I actually sound alright, then please get in touch! I'm genuinely excited to meet all my clients and I LOVE what I do. I can't promise a fox won't attack us during your couple shoot, but I can promise to always put you first and ensure your wedding photos reflect the unique awesomeness of your wedding day; to always be friendly, supportive, and ready with a sarcastic joke; and to always have cat pictures at the ready. After all, isn't that what everyone getting married really wants?

What now?

If you might like to hire me and ensure I can continue to fund my dusty book and pancake obsessions, you can contact me here!