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Weddings at Wandsworth Town Hall in London - your helpful guide

One of London's striking Art Deco registry offices, Wandsworth Town Hall can be found in the centre of Wandsworth (who'd have guessed!) in south west London. I live a quick hop across the river from there and have had the pleasure of shooting half a dozen weddings there over the last five years.

Bride and groom showered in confetti as they leave Wandsworth Town Hall after their wedding.

It's a great place to get married; situated within reach of loads of places for your reception, and full of character for wedding photos inside and outside!

I've put together this guide to give you all the information and photo ideas you need to inspire your own Wandsworth Town Hall wedding, as well as where you could hold your reception nearby. Scroll down for all the info, or click on one of the quick links below to read the whole blog!

Two grooms getting married at Wandsworth Town Hall

Getting married at Wandsworth Town Hall: the basics

The Town Hall is the registry office for the London Borough of Wandsworth, and you can find lots more information about getting married there on their website.

Getting married in the Grand Chamber

If you have a lot of guests, the Grand Chamber is the room for you! This room has bags of character, and up to 100 people can relax in the padded pews as they watch you get married.

Wedding ceremony in the Grand Chamber at Wandsworth Town Hall

You can get married in the Grand Chamber at Wandsworth Town Hall any day of the week, with it costing £406 on weekdays, £535 on Saturdays, and £609 on Sundays and bank holidays.

Bride walking into Wandsworth Town Hall wedding

Getting married in the Alexandra Room

The Alexandra Room is the other larger ceremony space at Wandsworth Town Hall, and a beautiful room full of light and period details. There is space for up to 45 guests, so the room is great for a small or medium-sized wedding.

First kiss in the Alexandra Room at Wandsworth Town Hall

You can get married in the Alexandra Room at Wandsworth Town Hall on weekdays and Saturdays, and it's a real bargain! Weekday ceremonies cost £219, and Saturdays are £278.

Grooms leaving wedding at Wandsworth Town Hall

Getting married in the Elizabeth Room

Now onto the smaller spaces at the town hall, which are great for intimate celebrations. The Elizabeth Room has space for up to 10 people and can be hired on any day of the week other than Sundays.

Elizabeth Room at Wandsworth Town Hall
Photo from the London Borough of Wandsworth

Weddings in the Elizabeth Room at Wandsworth Town Hall are for simple ceremonies and an exchange of rings, and are very affordable. On Monday, tying the knot here costs just £53! On Tuesdays-Fridays, it costs £117, and Saturday is £165.

Signing the register at Wandsworth Town Hall wedding

Getting married in the Victoria Room

The Victoria Room is great for an informal ceremony, as your guests won't be seated in rows, and there's no aisle to walk up. It has space for up to 25 people, and because of the seating arrangement, it won't look too empty if you have a lot fewer than that.

Victoria Room at Wandsworth Town Hall
Photo from the London Borough of Wandsworth

You can marry in the Victoria Room at Wandsworth Town Hall on weekdays and Saturdays, and they offer an enhanced ceremony, including things like personal vows and readings. Weekdays cost £189 and Saturdays are £208.

Groomsmen at Wandsworth Town Hall wedding

Getting married in the Mayor's Parlour

This room is for the cosiest of ceremonies, with space for up to eight of your loved ones and also offers enhanced options like vows, readings, and music.

Mayor's Parlour at Wandsworth Town Hall
Photo from the London Borough of Wandsworth

You can get married in the Mayor's Parlour at Wandsworth Town Hall on weekends, with Saturdays costing £444 and Sundays and bank holidays £561.

Two brides leaving wedding ceremony at Wandsworth Town Hall

Photo Locations - the perfect places to take your Wandsworth Town Hall wedding pictures

Brides walking down the art deco staircase at Wandsworth Town Hall

Wandsworth Town Hall is really beautiful, so gives you lots of options for where to take your wedding photos. And if you do want to venture elsewhere, you've got the River Thames a short hop away, as well as the greenery of Wandsworth Common and King George's Park.

Wandsworth Town Hall itself

Brides outside Wandsworth Town Hall

Once the vows have been said and you've been proclaimed married, don't rush out of the building! The inside of Wandsworth Town Hall is full of wedding photography opportunities. While your guests head on outside and line themselves up for confetti (or just get a bit of fresh air if you're not doing it!) make your way to the golden marble-lined main staircase.

Couple walking down the stairs at Wandsworth Town Hall

I've always taken my couples up to the top, which gives you a few different options for photos, including a shot I love doing through the ornate golden balustrades!

For a nice bit of symmetry and 'leading lines' magic pause for a shot at the top of the stairs, before heading on down to the ground floor.

Same sex wedding at Wandsworth Town Hall

Outside the town hall

Brides showered in confetti outside Wandsworth Town Hall

The steps of the Town Hall are great for a confetti tunnel moment, and there's a ginormous space outside, so even if you have a hundred guests, there's space for them all to line up and shower you with flower petals.

Grooms walking through confetti tunnel at Wandsworth Town Hall

Once you're done with your confetti tunnel, the steps are great for family group photos. Staggering guests down stairs is always a great way to position large groups of guests so you can see all of their faces, so make use of the steps while they're free!

Family group photo on Wandsworth Town Hall steps with everyone cheering

There's a fountain in the courtyard, which is another great spot for photos, and the space in general doesn't really have a bad spot - especially once I've Photoshopped out the occasional staff car!

Bride cheering with bouquet at Wandsworth Town Hall

Take your wedding photos on Wandsworth Common or in King George's Park!

Bride and groom with bubbles in King George's Park in Wandsworth

You can get to both parks easily from the Town Hall, with King George's Park being a very walkable seven minutes. The Common is further at 17 minutes to the nearest portion, but it's a very quick drive, and there's lots of different spots for photos, from the green open spaces to historical places like the Royal Victoria Patriotic Building (where you can also get married at La Gothique - I've shot there as well, it's lovely!).

Brides walking on Wandsworth Common
Bride and groom. laughing in a park in Wandsworth

Head down to the Thames

Bride and groom by the River Thames in Putney

If you fancy sometime other than a green backdrop, London's River Thames is always great for wedding photos. There are lots of sections you can get to pretty quickly from Wandsworth Town Hall, but two of my favourites are the one featured in the first and third photos under this heading, where you can walk right down to the water. You can find it just up the road in Putney, and I think it's beautiful!

Grooms kissing by the River Thames

If you venture directly northwards, you can find a very versatile section of the river which is pedestrianised and has a variety of backgrounds for photos.

Bride and groom cuddling by the River Thames in Putney

Where to have your wedding reception after getting married at Wandsworth Town Hall

Wedding toast at The Duke's Head in Putney

Wandsworth Town Hall is situated really conveniently in south west London and you can get to loads of great areas of the city within 15 minutes, including Battersea, Chelsea, Fulham, Putney, and Barnes. If you're willing to go a little further, you could also venture to lovely Richmond upon Thames, the West End, and the City of London.

Brides entering wedding reception at the County Arms in Wandsworth

I could suggest a plethora of reception venues across the city, but I'd be here a while! So here are some local suggestions.

  • The Duke's Head Putney - a lovely pub in Putney, right by the aforementioned slipway down to the river, which is great for photos. It's got lots of character and the food is great!

  • The County Arms - another great pub, situated on the edge of Wandsworth Common, with a huge events space at the rear.

  • The London Rowing Club and the Thames Rowing Club, which are both beautiful event spaces overlooking the river in Putney.

  • The Alma - another pub venue, which you can find near Wandsworth Town station. It's less than a ten minute walk to that stretch of the Thames I mentioned, so lots of photo ops here too.

  • The Skylark Cafe - a light-filled venue on Wandsworth Common, which boasts wildflowers and a duck pond.

Groom and friends taking a selfie outside Wandsworth Town Hall

I hope this blog has been helpful in deciding if a Wandsworth Town Hall wedding is right for you! It's a really lovely venue, with such a great location for wherever in south west London you want to go to continue your celebrations as a newly married couple. I really love shooting there, so if you'd like to see if I'm free to cover your wedding then hit the button below to contact me!


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