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Candid, colourful, and creative wedding photography for relaxed couples in London & Somerset
Shooting digital and 35mm film


Wedding photography without the cringe and faff

I take a relaxed and unobtrusive approach so you and your guests can have an amazing time, and not feel self-conscious, while I document the day; from big, emotional moments like your first kiss, to hilarious candid shots of your sugar-hyped nieces and nephews going wild on the dance floor. I don't go in for anything awkward, or staging moments that didn't happen; so forget all about three-hour posey couple shoots and 100 pictures of your shoes in various locations. I'm good at putting people at ease, so you won’t have to feel anxious about having your photos taken, or worry they won’t represent who you are as a couple! Most of the time you may not even notice I'm there!

Want to get in touch straight away? You're too kind. Hit the contact button to send me a message!

Massive congrats to you both on your engagement! And also congrats on making the best wedding planning decision ever and visiting my website. (Too much?!)

In all seriousness, it's really important to 'click' with your wedding photographer as it will help put you at ease on the big day, especially if you're camera-shy. So here is a quick bit about me:

  • I'm pretty easygoing and don't take myself too seriously. I'm also a massive chatterbox, so I will talk to you, and probably make some really terrible jokes. Some couples have said my witty banter has helped put them at ease; others have probably just wanted me to shut up and fall in a pond. (You win some, you lose some...)

  • I'm a proud cat lady and have two of my own. I will show you lots of photos of them unless you stop me. 

  • I also have a wife! We've been married for five years now, which is a bit surreal! As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I love working with other same-sex/queer couples, and you can rest assured you'll feel comfy with me as, hey, I've been where you are.

  • When I'm not taking photos, I love to write and have been working on a series of historical novels since I was 17. The first has been rewritten eight times and is currently at 900 pages! Yes, I am insane.

Want to find out more about me, or about how I work? Hit the button to contact me.

A little bit about me


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I offer...

Relaxed wedding photography

Timeless wedding photos on 35mm film

Candid wedding highlights videos


Eva & Nicole, Dodmo or House, Northamptonshire 

"Genevieve was wonderful to work with. My wife is anxious in front of the camera but was immediately put at ease. She captured the wedding through candid photography as we'd requested but took some gorgeous formal ones too. Really lovely woman, so happy we chose her!"


Sam & Ben, Warwick Castle 

"Genevieve was so lovely and easygoing! My husband and I both felt awkward having our photos taken but she really put us at ease and made the experience enjoyable. We have some amazing shots! Thank you so much!"


Kind words from previous clients


Alex & Alyssa, The Hare & Billet, Blackheath, London 

"OMG Genevieve - these are amazing!! Thanks again so much for everything on the wedding day, you were brilliant and we have had several compliments about how great you were and how much your style fit the "vibe" of our day!"


Colourful (and chill) fine art wedding photography

I edit my photos in a light, bright, and colourful style with a touch of film photography. But while I work in a similar pallette to fine art wedding photography, I veer away from the flatlays of invitations, rings, and perfume, and lots of posing. So if you like that timeless, romantic look but want a documentary style with more punch and emotion - hello! May I introduce you to my colourful fine art photography style, or 'fun art' photography, instead!

Because I truly believe that some of the best wedding photos pose themselves - so there's no need to fake it. Whether it's someone welling up when they see their partner walking down the aisle towards them, children running amok with leftover confetti, or champagne-fuelled dance moves, weddings are chock-full of brilliant real moments to capture. And that is why I love my job so much, as I get the privilege of freezing those amazing moments of love, happiness, or laughter, so someone can come across a picture decades later and still feel those emotions!

All sounding up your street? Hit the button to contact me and see if I'm free for your big day!

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