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The best places for your relaxed engagement photo shoot in London

Ah, London. It's a city which I have called my home for thirteen years now. Full of beautiful green spaces, historical buildings...and a few concrete/glass monstrosities which make my eyes burn. But because London has such a variety of different neighbourhoods, scenery, and architecture, whatever your perfect engagement photo location is, you'll be sure to find it here.

I've lived in all four corners of the city during my time here, and between that and shooting hundreds of weddings across London, means I know it really well. If you have any particular ideas or areas in mind for your engagement photoshoot, send me a message and I can come up with some suggestions. Otherwise, read on to discover some of my favourites and get inspired!

A couple kissing on a bridge during their east London engagement shoot

Hampstead Pergola & Hill Gardens

This gorgeous location is in (as the name implies) Hampstead, where I had the pleasure of living for four years. But despite many walks around the Heath, I didn't actually discover this place until more recently. With its almost fairytale look, it's perfect for an engagement shoot.

Couple at Hampstead Hill Garden and Pergola for their engagement shoot

You do need to get a permit to have your shoot here, but the cost is only around £100, so if you fall in love with it as I did, it might be money well spent! Every time I've visited it has been really quiet, so you probably won't have lots of people gawping at you either - which is the last thing you want when you're trying to relax in front of the camera!

Man lifting woman at Hampstead Hill Garden and Pergola during their engagement shoot
Couple walking at Hampstead Hill Garden and Pergola during their engagement shoot

St Dunstan-in-the-East

The old church of St Dunstan-in-the-East was bombed during World War Two, and in 1967 the City of London turned the ruins into a park! This beautiful, ethereal location is perfect for an atmospheric engagement shoot or your wedding photos - both of which I've had the pleasure of shooting here.

Couple at St Dunstan-in-the-East for their engagement shoot

One of the good things about having your engagement session here is that because it is so well-located, if you wanted to add a second or third location in to the schedule you're spoiled for choice. The Tower of London, the River Thames, and Tower Bridge are all within a few minutes' walk.

Two grooms kissing at St Dunstan-in-the-East wedding photos

Regent's Park

Regent's Park is beautiful and perfect for an engagement shoot. The Japanese Garden, in particular, is fantastic with its little bridges, waterfall and large willow tree. The nearby Rose Garden is also absolutely stunning.

Bride and groom on bridge in the Japanese Garden in Regent's Park

Several other bonuses about having a Regent's Park engagement shoot are how central/well-connected it is, the sheer variety of backdrops for you to choose from, and if you're feeling photo-d out and want a break, there's a great café to relax at!

Couple kissing on a bridge in Regent's Park

Isabella Plantation

This little gem is hidden inside the enormous Richmond Park in south-west London, and every time I've been it's been really quiet - and exceptionally beautiful.

Couple cuddling in Isabella Plantation for their engagement shoot
Couple looking out over a lake in Isabella Plantation


I love my local area, and would highly recommend it for an engagement shoot! You're spoilt for choice on where to go across the whole area and wider borough, but there is a particular route around King's Road and the River Thames that I have frequently taken couples on after Chelsea Old Town Hall weddings which is brilliant.

Bride and groom outside Turner Studios in Chelsea

There are lots of different spots along it, taking you down Glebe Place, past the pink cake heaven of Peggy Porschen, down into the streets leading down to the embankment which are so quiet you'll forget you're in central London!

Couple on Albert Bridge in Chelsea for their wedding photos

From there you've got picturesque Albert Bridge and the sweeping view of the River Thames, before heading back up to King's Road, taking in the colourful-door lined Oakley Street and finishing almost back where to started, in a perfect loop. To finish off, why not relax in the outside area at The Ivy Chelsea Garden, enjoying some drinks and making use of their seasonal installations at the front, which often feature loads of beautiful flowers.

Couple outside pink door in Chelsea
Bride and groom outside Peggy Porschen in Chelsea

Holland Park

Another local (to me) gem is Holland Park, which also has a variety of backdrops for your engagement photos; from the semi-ruined stately home that used to sit there, to fountains, a Japanese-inspired garden, flowers, and even a bit that looks very much like a tiny forest.

Couple in Holland Park for an engagement shoot

There's a lot of variety here, and if you wanted you could also hop the short distance to Notting Hill and its colourful houses for a different backdrop!


Despite how long I've lived in London, I'd never visited Wapping until I did a wedding there in 2022. And I completely fell in love with it! It's SO absurdly quiet for how central it is, and overflowing with character. You've got warehouses, cobbles, alleyways, and even steps right down to the river.

Couple holding hands on a cobbled street in Wapping, London

Because of the central location, you've also got lots of scope to include this on a multi-area engagement shoot itinerary! Why not hop up to somewhere like Shoreditch to add some shots with the incredible street art, for the ultimate urban cool engagement shoot?

Bride and groom kissing by the Thames in Wapping

I hope this blog has given you some inspiration on where to have your perfect London engagement shoot! If you think I might be a good fit for you, hit the button below to drop me a message!


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